to charge for your
Health Coaching Services
because what you offer

has for FREE?
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  • Embarrassed over the “quality” of your holistic health certification?
  • Wasted years & money taking health courses trying to fill in the gaps?
  • Complicated client health problems revealing your incompetence?
  • Frantically surfing the web over client questions you can’t answer?
  • Know in your gut that a higher educated coach would have the answers?


  • Hacking together celebrity health guru tips + tricks – #copycat
  • Weekend workshop hype wears off when you realize it’s all dogma + fluff.
  • Your library of skimmed nutrition texts acts as ‘credibility props’ for your video background. #impostercomplex
  • Money desperation has you pushing network marketing nutritional products.
  • Collecting piecemeal certifications without complete prognostics & practical application skills.


You’re DONE
with that crap!


  • Run a science-based holistic health practice without looking like a weird, woo-woo, hippie healer
  • Know the stuff nobody else knows – even Google
  • Consistently deliver client transformations instead of experimenting on them like guinea pigs
  • Solve complicated client health problems quickly, efficiently & permanently
  • Generate the expert reputation & high-end tuition you deserve


is the fastest, most comprehensive, un-woo-woo, holistic health certification training.



Powerful Prognostics

Efficiently & accurately assess health challenges in minutes using:

  • Facial Mapping
  • Body Slang
  • Qi Analysis
  • Quantum Anatomy & Physiology
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • ….and much more!



Core Modalities

Practical, science-based, essential holistic health modalities without the typical dogma & woo-woo conjecture.

  • Homeopathics
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Aromatherapy
  • Meridians
  • Color, Light, & Sound Therapy
  • ….and much more!

Strategic Mixology

The Elixir Lab Strategic Mixology training fuses together the right modalities, mixtures, intervals, intensity & rational for every client treatment protocol. #zeroguesswork

I am the founder & master educator behind Elixir Lab, an innovative health certification program dedicated to demystifying alternative health modalities for the western world.

As a health coaches’ secret weapon, I fast-track western practitioners to integrate powerful holistic healing tools, without wasting decades of time & hoards of money on dogma heavy curriculum.

My students get taken seriously.  They quickly expand their wellness practices, become known as effective and knowledgeable health intuitives, and stand apart from the masses of health coaches popping up every year.


Know your client’s health problems just by LOOKING at them.

Access a scientific, classified facial mapping prognostic tool direct from the ELIXIR LAB certification program and use it today!

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